2018 Customer Charter

The Customer Charter is the TTC’s commitment to you, our customer. 

5. Quarter 4 - October to December


Improvement Area

We will complete construction on the multipurpose path at the Finch Station west parking lot to support the City of Toronto's plans to connect cycling and walking trails.


We will complete the resurfacing of the Finch Station west parking lot, restoring 1413 parking spaces for commuters.


We will continue to staff more stations with Customer Service Agents to replace the Collector and to provide a more personalized and engaging level of service.


We will install high-capacity bicycle parking racks at up to 49 stations. The new racks will more than double our existing bicycle parking capacity.


We will upgrade the infrastructure that powers streetcars along the 512 St Clair route, making service more reliable.


We will have elevators in service at St Patrick Station as part of the Easier Access program to make stations accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of mobility.


We will install up to an additional 50 passenger information displays in station bus bays to provide real-time information on vehicle arrivals.


We will pilot solar-powered passenger information displays toprovide real-time information on vehicle arrivals at stops without utility power.


We will install bicycle shelters at a minimum of five stations to help cyclists protect their bicycles from the elements.


All stations will be equipped with at least one new PRESTO vending machine where customers can buy a PRESTO card, load money and buy a paper PRESTO card, to make accessing transit more convenient.


We will implement new state-of-the-art radios on subway trains to make announcements inside trains clearer and more audible.


We will put into service 69 new redesigned and accessible vehicles as part of our effort to diversify and modernize the TTC Wheel-Trans fleet.


We will review and optimize stop locations to improve travel times, accessibility and reliability at approximately 300 bus stops across the city.


We will implement transit signal priority and up to three queue-jump lanes to allow buses and streetcars to operate more quickly and consistently on heavy traffic corridors.


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