2018 Customer Charter

The Customer Charter is the TTC’s commitment to you, our customer. 

6. The TTC Way

The TTC Way is made up of six values that describe how we treat others and how we expect to be treated. We are committed to working together.

Respect one another

TTC: We will value, support and treat every customer and colleague with patience, respect and dignity. We welcome all

Customer: Treat everyone on the TTC, including staff, with respect. Please be mindful of others.

Communities: We will value each community’s uniqueness and strive to plan and deliver service that meets its need.

Value each other’s time

TTC: We will do all we can to keep you moving quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Customer: Help keep us moving. Try not to do anything that could hold up service.

Communities: We will actively manage and work to minimize the impact of closures, detours and other disruptions in your community.

Tell people what’s happening

TTC: We will let you know right away about anything that might affect your trip.

Customer: Pass along information that might help others. When possible, use technology to keep informed.

Communities: We will openly engage with you and your City Councillors as early as possible about our transit projects.

Stay safe

TTC: We will ensure the safety and security of our customers, employees and everyone around us.

Customer: Look out for each other and use common sense. If you see something, say something.

Communities: We will be proactive and vigilant in protecting your safety and the safety of our customers.

Mind your space

TTC: We will keep our spaces clean, clear and easy to use. We are becoming a transit system that that is more accessible for all.

Customer: Respect everyone’s space and take pride in your own. Help us keep the system clean and clear. Don’t leave anything behind.

Communities: We will recognize the TTC’s place in your community and be mindful of how we affect the daily lives of those who work and live there.

Help others out

TTC: We will go out of our way to help – and if we can’t, we will take the time to point you in the right direction.

Customer: Help each other. Make room. Give up your seat for those in need.

Communities: We will listen and be open to your ideas and perspectives about how to keep your community moving, aided by the best available information.

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