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3. Travel Training

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Wheel-Trans offers a free Travel Training program for all Wheel-Trans customers who are required to take conventional transit. The program offers an in-person session with our travel trainer who will help you navigate your trip using the TTC’s accessible buses, streetcars and/or subways.

What is Travel Training?

Our goal is to support customers who want to learn how to travel safely and independently on the TTC’s conventional system. Travel training helps customers improve their travel skills and increase their confidence. This program is designed to teach customers about all the accessibility features on the TTC and to help customers navigate around Toronto.

One-on-one travel training is designed to meet the personalized needs of the customer. Our travel trainer will spend up to four 1:1 sessions travelling with the customer on the route of their choice.

The Travel Trainer will plan the route with all the accommodations the customer needs, and travel with the customer on their journey. The travel training process is designed to help customers improve their travel skills, reduce anxiety or fear of the unknown, and reinforce the skills needed to ride the conventional transit system independently with confidence.

The program features include:

  • planning your trip with the accommodations you need
  • wayfinding and navigation
  • how to use PRESTO
  • boarding vehicles
  • requesting accessible features
  • problem solving tips for when unexpected challenges, such as delays and closures happen

This program supports the Wheel-Trans vision for “accessible transit service that ensures dignity, spontaneity, fairness and freedom of travel for all customers” and represents true freedom for each person and their abilities.

Why participate in travel training?

  • No need to plan your life in advance. You can live spontaneously! Go when you want, where you want, how you want!
  • Gain independence. Have flexibility. Build self-esteem. Feel empowered.
  • No need to worry about having rides put on waitlists.
  • Guaranteed Wheel-Trans rides within four hours for same-day Family of Service trips, and short wait times when booking a Family of Services trip.
  • Be more involved in the community and connect with others.

Sign up for Travel Training by emailing or call 416-472-2393.

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