Family of Services

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1. Family of Services

What is a Family of Services trip?

A Family of Services trip includes a combination of Wheel-Trans vehicles and accessible conventional transit for all or part of a customer’s journey. The goal is to connect Wheel-Trans conditional-eligible customers to wherever they need to go in the city. In a recent survey of our customers who have travelled using a Family of Services trip, more than 80 per cent said they would recommend the program to family and friends. Many Wheel-Trans customers have said travelling on the TTC’s conventional system has given them a feeling of independence and spontaneity. For many, Family of Services has allowed them to travel on TTC streetcars, buses or trains for the first time.

Family of Service routes

Family of Services is more flexible than ever in helping get you where you need to go. Take a look at the list of current stops and routes we are offering service on. 

Need accessible Wheel-Trans service?

If you’re not currently a Wheel-Trans customer and are in need of accessible transit services, please complete an application with your doctor’s assistance. Find out how to apply for Wheel-Trans service and learn more about eligibility categories.

For more information on travelling using the Family of Services, please see the Family of Services Customer Handbook.

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