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6. Conditional Trip-Matching Update

Wheel-Trans will be introducing Conditional Trip-Matching (CTM). When booking a trip, customers with conditional eligibility will only be provided with one trip solution that matches their conditions and abilities. If none of the registered conditions are present, they will be offered a Family of Services trip (e.g. a connection to the conventional TTC bus/streetcar or subway). However, if one or more of the conditions are present, they will receive a door-to-door trip from their origin to destination. Once CTM is implemented, conditionally eligible customers will no longer be able to decline a Family of Services trip in favor of a door-to-door trip.

In preparation for this, the Family of Services network has expanded to include key transfer stops along most of the major frequent service bus and streetcar routes, along with all accessible subway stations. Currently, there are 49 accessible subway stations, and all subway stations are expected to be accessible by 2025.

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