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Post-Secondary Students

Post-Secondary Monthly Pass

To use the monthly Post-Secondary Monthly Pass, along with a valid TTC Post-Secondary Photo ID, Students must be:

Students must carry their TTC Post-Secondary Photo ID when using their monthly Post-Secondary Monthly Pass and present it upon request by TTC staff.


If you are a senior, 65 years of age or over, you will need to carry appropriate identification and present it to TTC staff upon request. You can use a TTC Senior's Photo ID (if you have one already. These are no longer available from the TTC) or government issued photo ID such as a Driver's Licence or the Ontario Photo Card.


Youths ages 13 to 15 are not required to carry identification when travelling on the TTC.

For the 2023-2024 school year, youths ages 16 to 19 will be required to carry the following forms of photo identification as proof of age when travelling on the TTC:

  • High school photo identification for the 2023-2024 school year
  • Driver’s License or Ontario Photo Card

This temporary change is being made as a result of COVID-19 and the fact that some schools may not be allowing photographers in the school to take pictures of the students.

TTC no longer provides photo identification for youths or seniors at the TTC Photo Identification Centre.


Child Proof-of-Age Card

The TTC Child Proof-of-Age Card is available for children who are tall for their age. The card lets TTC drivers and collectors verify that the child is 12 or younger and eligible to ride for free. Every September we send a quantity of these cards to every elementary and secondary school in Toronto that has 11 and 12 year old youth.

To obtain one of these Proof-of-Age Cards at your school, please see your school administration. In addition to their availability at schools, you can get a Child Proof-of-Age Card by calling TTC Customer Service at (416) 393-4636.

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