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Read this week's customer compliments.
We’re in this together. We’re working hard to make your TTC journey seamless and safe, and your compliments keep us focused on doing just that. Here’s what you had to say about our service this week.

Made my day

I greatly appreciate the 101 Downsview Park driver’s kindness and courtesy! Because of him, I was saved quite a long walk and made it on time for my vaccine appointment! I took the same bus to Sheppard West station on the way back, and he was just as kind and courteous. Thank you for your amazing service.

Excellent customer service

This driver has excellent customer service skills and a great memory to boot! I use the stop request program as I travel alone on the 94 Wellesley and when I approached him to request my stop at Shaw he told me he remembered from last time! I felt like a valued customer.

Safety first

The 505 streetcar driver was excellent. He had to stop abruptly and came out to check if the passengers were ok as well as surrounding vehicles. Giving credit where credit is due!

All-star driver

Super energetic and caring bus operator on the 41 Keele route. This man greets every single passenger nicely. I think such a nice person deserves something to show him that his great job can actually change many people's day and mood.

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