TTC's Please Offer Me a Seat Program

The Please Offer Me a Seat Program provides assistance to customers with accessibility needs in finding or obtaining a seat when travelling on TTC vehicles.

Image of the Please Offer Me a Seat card and button

Customers with accessibility needs may request a “Please Offer Me a Seat” button or card from Customer Service Agents or from a Collector Booth in all TTC stations. Customers have the options of wearing the button or presenting the card when traveling on TTC vehicles. Importantly, when customers show their Please Offer me a Seat button or card:

  • They will not be required to give reasons or explain why they may need a seat.
  • It does not guarantee them with a seat. The buttons or the cards are intended to create awareness that customers with a disability, customers who are pregnant, or customers who are elderly may require a seat.

We ask all our customers to be mindful that passengers who may already be seated may themselves require the seat. Participation in the “Please Offer Me a Seat” program is completely voluntary.

Increasing accessibility features throughout the TTC system is a key piece of the TTC’s 2018-2022 Corporate Plan. This program is one example of how TTC continue to take steps to enhance customer experience.

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