Fare Inspector & Special Constable Complaints (FISCC) Office

2. Who we are

The TTC’s new Fare Inspector & Special Constable Complaints (FISCC) Office helps to make the TTC a more inclusive transit system by investigating complaints regarding TTC Fare Inspectors and Special Constables as well as related policies and services. All investigations are conducted in a fair and impartial manner.

In alignment with the TTC’s Anti-Racism Strategy and 10-Point Action Plan for Diversity and Inclusion, the new FISCC Office holds the TTC accountable for providing Revenue Protection and Special Constable Services' programs that are equitable and free from discrimination.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to provide a fair, effective, equitable and accessible process for complaints about TTC Fare Inspectors and Special Constables.

  • Values

    Our work is guided by the following values:

    • Equity – We consider people's circumstances and needs in our processes, policies, and services. We are committed to the fair and respectful treatment of all people.
    • Integrity – We will act honestly and ethically in our interactions with everybody. We will adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and conduct ourselves in the manner expected by the public and our stakeholders.
    • Impartiality – We will aim to review all information in an objective, neutral manner and without bias. We will not engage in any activity which could lead to a possible or actual conflict of interest.
    • Accountability – We will communicate with the parties to an investigation about how their complaint is being handled and explain the outcomes that were reached.We will communicate with the public and the TTC Board about the number of complaints received and outcomes on an annual basis, at a minimum.
  • Organization structure of the office

    Following the advice of Ombudsman Toronto, the FISCC Office is a specialized unit within the TTC’s Department of Human Rights and Investigations under TTC’s new Diversity and Culture Group.

    The Office consists of a manager, and four investigators. The full FISCC team will also include a coordinator and a shared data analyst. Our team members come from very diverse lived experiences and professional backgrounds, including human rights, law, regulatory investigations, and human resources. All investigators have specialized training and experience in conducting investigations through a diversity and human rights lens.

    The FISCC Office is physically located separate from other TTC Departments. The FISCC Investigators reach their investigation findings separate from TTC management, employees, and the public

  • Policies and procedures

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