TTC Committed to Fair Contract for Employees

The Toronto Transit Commission is committed to providing its unionized employees with a fair and final offer that addresses both wages and benefits. The TTC values its employees; they deserve no less than a fair contract.

Non-monetary improvements are being addressed. In addition, other monetary issues, such as increased benefits that the union is seeking, are being discussed. Given the TTC's financial situation, it has suggested that funds be reallocated from certain premiums employees receive. Those funds, then, would be used to make further improvements to the final offer.

So far, agreement on this approach has not been reached.

The TTC is not proposing the elimination of any benefits its employees receive. Indeed, the TTC would also like to improve them. However, it will be very difficult to address Local 113's demands for increased benefits without the reallocation of some premiums.

The TTC, its employees and customers rightfully want the uncertainty of job action resolved. The TTC understands the very real concern the public has and remains committed and hopeful that a negotiated settlement can be reached with its unions.

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