Resources To Assist You

Special Constables

The following is a list of contacts that may assist you in obtaining documentation, or information necessary to meet the minimum requirements.

Applicants who have not completed their high school education can obtain information about the High School Equivalency Assessment by contacting the:

Independent Learning Centre (ILC) (opens in a new window)
2180 Yonge Street, Ground Floor, Toronto, ON

Phone: 1-800-573-7022 or 416-484-2737 

To obtain a record of current demerit point accumulation, contact the:

Ministry of Transportation (opens in a new window)
Licensing Administration and Support Office
2680 Keele Street, Building A, Room 160
Downsview, ON

Phone: 416-235-1086 or 1-800-303-4993

For information concerning record suspensions (formerly a pardon), contact:

Parole Board of Canada (opens in a new window)
Clemency and Investigations Division
410 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, ON K1A 0R1

Phone: 1-800-874-2652 

For information concerning the sealing of records related to absolute and conditional discharges, contact:

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (opens in a new window)
Record Suspension and Purge Services
Box 8885, Ottawa, ON K1G 3M8

Fax: 613-957-9063

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