The Training Program

TTC Special Constable

While participating in the mandatory training program, recruits will be classified as a TTC Special Constable in Training, at the current hourly rate of $36.82, progressing to an hourly rate of $46.02 after five years.   

In Class Training

Recruits will participate in 14 weeks of extensive academic, physical and holistic simulation training. The overall training program is designed to provide recruits with an understanding of their role at the TTC and a sound knowledge of laws and procedures. It is also aimed at developing skills required to deal with various public safety and customer service situations.

Throughout this training tests and final examinations will be completed to a predetermined standard. Some of the subjects and activities covered in the training program include federal and provincial statues, mental health awareness and crisis intervention, serving a diverse community, customer service excellence, transit operations, emergency procedures, de-escalation techniques, defensive tactics and use of force. Failure to meet the minimum requirements of the training program may result in the termination of your employment. 

All new TTC Special Constables are on probation for a period of 10 months commencing at the date of employment.

Field Training Program

Upon completion of the Academic and Practical Skills Training Program, recruits participate in a six-month Field Training Program.

In this program, recruits are partnered with a Coach Officer who will continue to assist the recruits learning and development process. Recruits will be required to perform a variety of tasks to the satisfaction of their Coach Officer, their Supervisors and the Manager of Training.  

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