Wheel-Trans Code of Conduct

The Wheel-Trans Code of Conduct Policy protects the integrity of the TTC in accordance with By-Law No. 1. This new policy allows and authorizes Wheel-Trans to take immediate action if the safe and respectful environment is jeopardized in any way.

Policy Statement

The purpose of the Code of Conduct Policy is to describe the rules and guidelines concerning behaviour expectations for persons interacting with or using Wheel-Trans. The intent of this policy is to protect the integrity of Wheel-Trans in accordance with TTC By-Law No. 1 and other Wheel-Trans customer facing policies and to ensure appropriate use of public funds.


The policy applies to all persons when interacting with and using Wheel-Trans, including visitors to TTC property. Support persons and companions travelling with Wheel-Trans customers are also expected to abide by this policy.


Wheel-Trans’ Customer Service, Reservations and Dispatch staff are responsible for executing the policy. Wheel-Trans’ Assistant Manager(s) of Customer Service, Reservations and Dispatch are responsible for ensuring correct application of the policy.

Legislative Requirements

  • Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation, Ont. Reg. 191/11
  • Ontario Human Rights Code
  • TTC By-Law No. 1


TTC Wheel-Trans service is defined as all services related to Wheel-Trans, and includes interactions between members of the public and persons or entities providing a Wheel-Trans service.

TTC property is defined as all lands, facilities, structures including vehicles that are owned, leased, occupied or maintained or used by the TTC.


  1. All persons interacting with or travelling on Wheel-Trans services shall adhere to the TTC By-Law No. 1. The object of this by-law is to protect the integrity of the transit system.  The TTC has the authority to pass by-laws regulating the use of its transit system in accordance with section 143 and Part XV of the City of Toronto Act.
    1. In summary TTC By-Law No. 1 states that persons shall:
      1. pay a fare
      2. provide proof of payment if requested
      3. follow rules for using transfers
      4. refrain from riding bicycle in or on TTC property
      5. make available the priority seating for persons with disabilities
      6. refrain from interfering or obstructing a TTC employee or contractor from performing his or her duties
      7. wear appropriate shoes and clothing while on TTC property
      8. refrain from putting feet/shoes on seat
      9. refrain from laying down on TTC property
      10. refrain from littering
      11. refrain from smoking, using e-cigarettes or vaporizing while in or on TTC property
      12. refrain from causing a disturbance with profanity, gestures, fighting, or being offensive
  2. All persons will abide by the guidelines of the TTC Wheel-Trans Customer Charter.
  3. Safety
    1. always wear a seatbelt, if possible
    2. do not place any part of your body out the window of the vehicle
    3. do not throw any objects outside of the window of the vehicle
    4. always follow the instructions of TTC employees, including requests to evacuate the vehicle
    5. do not interfere with the operator of a TTC vehicle or obstruct the vision of the operator
    6. do not enter TTC property or vehicles while having any weapons or instruments intended for use as weapons in your possession
    7. do not enter TTC property or vehicles while in possession of any flammable materials, unless otherwise approved
    8. refrain from any action that would knowingly jeopardize the safety of yourself or any other persons within TTC property
    9. if you see something, say something and report any safety concerns immediately to a TTC employee
  4. Reliability
    1. be ready and waiting at the designated pick-up location 5 minutes prior to your pick-up time
    2. make every attempt to notify Wheel-Trans as soon as possible if you are unable to make your scheduled trip
    3. avoid unnecessary late cancellations and no-shows where possible
    4. all customers shall use Wheel-Trans in a responsible manner to preserve, protect and promote the longevity, of this essential public resource for greater mobility in the City of Toronto
    5. no person shall falsely represent themselves through words, actions, clothes, insignia, badge, or equipment. Using any identification, other than your own, is prohibited
    6. no person shall knowingly provide any false information in any statement, whether in writing or otherwise to TTC
    7. registered customers are not permitted to book travel for non-registered customers on Wheel-Trans
  5. Accessibility
    1. ensure that your ramp, driveway and sidewalk are clear of ice and snow
    2. ensure that the destination you have requested is accessible
    3. always inform Wheel-Trans of the exact mobility device that you will be travelling with to ensure we send a vehicle that accommodates your device
  6. Courtesy
    1. treat other customers and TTC representatives with consideration, patience, respect, and civility to allow use, operation, and enjoyment of TTC in a safe and gratifying manner for all persons
    2. refrain from using any radio, recording device, digital music or audio device, musical instrument, or similar device in or on TTC property unless the sound is conveyed by an earphone at a sound level that does not disturb other customers or TTC employees
    3. no person shall vandalize, damage or destroy TTC property
    4. no person shall provoke violence or pose a clear threat to other persons, including verbal, visual, gestures or any other type of provocation
    5. no person shall engage in fighting
    6. no person shall behave in a manner which would interfere with the ordinary enjoyment of persons using the transit system
  7. Communication
    1. inform Wheel-Trans of any changes to your disability or conditions as soon as possible
    2. refrain from communicating with TTC staff, other customers or members of the public in a manner that is disrespectful or abusive including using profane language, yelling, speaking offensively, making lewd comments or gestures
  8. Cleanliness
    1. all persons shall wear proper clothing and footwear while on TTC property
    2. no person shall be in a TTC vehicle or property exhibiting any odor that unreasonably interferes with the use, operation or general enjoyment of the services
    3. all persons are expected to maintain a reasonable level of personal hygiene
    4. all persons shall refrain from littering
  9. Comfort
    1. give other customers the space they need to have a comfortable trip
    2. all persons must follow the scent-free guidelines and environmental sensitivity policy
  10. Inclusivity
    1. no person shall make any expressions, statements or gestures that would be considered offensive on the grounds of race, gender, disability, religion or sexual orientation or any other prohibited grounds of discrimination as per the Ontario Human Rights Code

Violations Code of Conduct Sections 1-9

Documented violations of the Code of Conduct sections 1-9 that jeopardize the safe & respectful environment of Wheel-Trans may result in suspension of service.


Number of Violations (in a 1 Year period) Suspension
1st violation Advisory Letter
2nd violation 7 day suspension
3rd violation 14 day suspension
4th violation 30 day suspension
5th violation 60 day suspension

Note: Depending on the nature of the violation, customers may face immediate suspension and/or criminal charges.


Violations Code of Conduct Section 10

The purpose of section 10 of the Wheel Trans Code of Conduct Policy is to advise Wheel-Trans Customers that when communicating with TTC employees in writing or over the phone that they must refrain from engaging in any expressions, statements or gestures that would be considered offensive to that employee’s human rights. To ensure that there is no misunderstanding, section 10 of the Code of Conduct does not permit Wheel Trans Customers to make comments to employees that are based on stereotyping.   

The TTC does not tolerate this inappropriate behaviour by Wheel-Trans Customers.


Number of Violations Suspension
1st violation Up to 7 Day Suspension
2nd violation Up to 30 Day Suspension
Additional Violations (After second violation) Up to 60 Day Suspension, Restriction of Services and/or Permanent Suspension


Incidents that violate section 10 of the Code of Conduct will remain on a Wheel-Trans Customer’s file indefinitely.

Repeated violations of section 10 of the Wheel-Trans Code of Conduct Policy could lead to restriction of Wheel-Trans services and/or permanent suspension of Wheel-Trans services.

Depending on the nature of the violation of section 10 of the Wheel-Trans Code of Conduct Policy, Wheel-Trans Customers may face immediate suspension pending investigation (except for medical trips) and/or criminal charges.

All incidents/events/matters that violate section 10 of the Wheel-Trans Code of Conduct Policy will be investigated by the TTC. When investigating these matters, the TTC will account for a Wheel-Trans Customer’s individualized personal circumstances.


If you have been suspended and wish to appeal the decision, please contact:  Wheel-Trans Customer Service at wtcs@ttc.ca or call 416-393-4111.



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