King Station - Capacity Enhancement Project

Design phase – Intermittent Utility Engineering Investigation
Effective February 2023 to October 2023

What we are doing and why:

The TTC’s Line 1 Yonge-University, is the busiest rapid transit line in Canada and plays a crucial role in moving people in Toronto and in the Greater Toronto region. Ridership has grown over the years, and pre-pandemic it regularly exceeded the scheduled capacity south of Bloor-Yonge Station during the morning rush hour. As ridership recovers, there remains a strong demand to address overcrowding conditions which impact the passenger experience, system efficiency and reliability. The TTC is planning for capacity improvements at some of Line 1’s busiest subway stations. This important project at King Station will improve passenger flows, fare line clearance times, reduce bottlenecks, speed journey times and improve the overall customer experience at the station. For more information on this program, please visit our website.


As part of this program, construction work is planned at King Station to meet both current and future ridership demand starting 2025*. Prior to that, crews on behalf of TTC will be conducting early investigations for the design phase of this project.



Schedule for TTC improvement projects at King Station:

  • TTC is currently working to build elevators that will make King Station accessible. Construction crews on behalf of TTC have begun construction work at street-level on Elevator “E1” on Melinda Street and Elevator “E3” at Yonge and Colborne Streets. The construction notice for this work can be found on our website
  • Intermittent utility investigations are required as part of the design phase, and scheduled to take place as early as February 2023*
  • Construction for the King Station Capacity Enhancement project is scheduled to begin as early as Fall 2025*. A notice including more details about what to expect during construction will be shared in advance of work beginning in the area (2025)*.


The Easier Access project and the Capacity Enhancement project are separated in time and have separate funding. They cannot be conducted concurrently.


The timelines specified in the chart are estimates and subject to change.



What to expect during the intermittent utility engineering investigations (February – October 2023*):


  • This work is non-intrusive in nature.
  • Some noise and vibration can be expected for temporary periods as a result of borehole drilling and hydro-vac trucks as part of this work.
  • There will be no interruptions to transit service as part of this investigative work.
  • Intermittent lane reductions and pedestrian detours may be required. Pedestrian and property access will be maintained at all times.
  • No work will be conducted on private property, however, access to some private properties may be required to support with the investigative work. Coordination with property managers/owners will be done in advance to arrange permission for this.
  • Construction trucks, equipment and workers will be present in the general area.


For further information:

Gurjeet Kaur, Senior Community Liaison Officer, 437-551-4407;

If you would like to be added to the project email list (in order to receive future updates about this project), please email at

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