Know Your TTC

The TTC is investing for the future, improving customer service and contributing to a healthy economy and environment. 

Better transit runs on better funding

  • Fares don’t cover the cost of every trip, so as ridership grows, the TTC’s costs grow
  • The TTC gets less financial help than any other major North American transit system – only 84¢ per customer from Toronto property taxpayers
  • Montreal gets $1.28 per customer from city and provincial governments
  • Chicago gets $2.64 per customer from local, state and federal governments
  • More help from provincial and federal governments will allow the TTC to meet Toronto’s growing transit needs

Your TTC is still the best deal on wheels

  • Gasoline costs rose almost 20% for each of the last three years
  • CAA estimates the cost of owning and operating a car in Toronto is $8,900 - $12,000 per year
  • Parking costs an average of $4,000 per year in Toronto
  • An adult Metropass offers unlimited travel, transferability and a federal tax credit – all for as little as $1,386 per year

Transit makes a healthy economy and a healthy Toronto

  • Gridlock costs Toronto an estimated $6 billion each year
  • Fewer cars mean cleaner air
  • One TTC bus replaces 45 cars in rush hour
  • One TTC streetcar replaces 95 cars in rush hour
  • One TTC subway train replaces 910 cars in rush hour
  • Because of its importance, your TTC has been declared an essential service

Your TTC is upgrading to serve you better

  • Online trip planner and new website to help you get to where you need to go
  • Real-time information about your next bus, streetcar or subway arrival
  • Immediate e-mail notification when there is a service disruption
  • Direct customer input to help improve the TTC 
  • Direct customer input to help improve the TTC – town hall meetings, meet-the-manager and permanent customer service panel

Investing today for a better tomorrow

  • Spadina Subway extension to York University and north to Vaughan
  • 60 sleek new Toronto Rocket subway trains
  • 204 new accessible streetcars
  • Renovated Union Station to include a second platform
  • A new way to pay fares – the PRESTO smartcard
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