TTC winter weather plan

When winter weather hits the city the following activities will be done to ensure a smooth and safe commute:

  • Anti-icing will be applied to the streetcar overhead network, subway tracks, as well as on the ground at all bus, streetcar and subway divisions to keep our staff safe and our vehicles moving. Storm trains and storm streetcars may be used throughout the storm as well.
  • Salt will be spread outside station entrances and sand will be applied on platforms in open air areas to prevent people from slipping.
  • Some bus stops may be taken out of service in areas where heavy snow and freezing rain are known to impact bus service.
  • Service on express routes may be adjusted to stop at all local stops, so no one is left waiting for a bus to arrive.
  • The TTC will communicate with the City of Toronto’s Transportation team throughout the storm to ensure crews are aware of any issues on transit routes, that may require extra plowing or salting.

Plan ahead

At any time of the year, plan your trip in advance using our Trip Planner on our website, follow @ttcnotices and check our live service alerts for up-to-date information.

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