Scarborough Centre Bus Service Changes

Update: September 2023


Bus terminal construction has been completed. The following service changes will take effect Sunday, September 3, 2023:


134 Progress

913 Progress

The 134C Progress and 913 Progress return to service connecting customers between Scarborough Centre Station and Centennial College.

985 Sheppard East Express

985 Sheppard East Express will no longer extend to Centennial College.


Durham Region Transit (DRT) 920

Due to the current suspension of service on Line 3 Scarborough, DRT 920 buses will move service from McCowan Station to Scarborough Centre Station. DRT customers will be dropped off at Town Centre Court to access the station. TTC customers bound for Durham Region will board in the terminal at Bay 1.

For support with service changes or trip planning, connect with a TTC Customer Information Agent by phone 416-393-4636 or Telecommunications Relay Service 1-800-855-0511.

  • Scarborough Centre Station bus bay changes


    Map of boarding locations

    9 Bellamy and 134 Progress return to serving Scarborough Centre Station.

    985A (Don Mills Station-Scarborough Centre Station Express) continues to be extended to McCowan Station, providing an accessible connection between McCowan Station and Scarborough Centre Station.

    Routes 16 McCowan, 21 Brimley, 38 Highland Creek, 43 Kennedy, 129 McCowan Northbound, 130 Middlefield, 131 Nugget, 132 Milner, 133 Neilson, 169 Huntingwood, 939 Finch Express, and 985 Sheppard East Express continue to serve Scarborough Centre Station.

    Routes will board on the north side and part of the south side of the bus bay.

  • Why are these service adjustments happening?

    On Sunday, May 7, 2023, we are make service adjustments across the network to match service to forecasted ridership, improve service reliability and accommodate for construction activities on various routes, including the bus terminal at Scarborough Centre Station in preparation for the decommissioning of Line 3 Scarborough

  • Will there be more Scarborough service adjustments?

    Yes. The TTC will be making service adjustments throughout the year to match service to forecasted ridership and to prepare for the interim bus service that will replace Line 3 Scarborough when it is decommissioned by then end of this year.


    TTC will provide advance notice through a wide variety of channels including, Twitter and Facebook, MyTTC e-Service alerts, and news releases.


    For more details about the service change dates for 2023, visit our Service details and holidays page.

  • How are these service adjustments related to the closure of Line 3 Scarborough?

    Line 3 Scarborough will be replaced by an interim express bus service operating southbound via Midland Avenue and northbound via Kennedy Road between Scarborough Centre and Kennedy Stations until the opening of the Scarborough Subway Extension in 2030.


    Construction is required to update the Scarborough Centre Station bus terminal to accommodate the increased number of buses that will serve the station. The service changes to 9 Bellamy, 21 Brimley, 134 Progress, 913 Progress Express and 985 Sheppard East Express are required to accommodate this construction.


    For the latest updates on the decommissioning of Line 3 Scarborough and the related impacts to service and customer commutes, visit

  • Are GO Transit and Intercity Buses affected by these service changes?

    In October 2022, GO Transit stops at Scarborough Centre Station were relocated to Borough Drive and Triton Road.


    Click here for full details on GO bus service changes

  • What do I do if I need help with these service adjustments?

    For support with service changes or trip planning, connect with a TTC Customer Information Agent by phone 416-393-4636 or TTY 416-481-2523.

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