Main Street Station Service Changes

Bus, streetcar and Wheel-Trans service returns to the station on Sunday, September 3, 2023

Construction to repair and upgrade the bus/streetcar loop at Main Street Station is ending. All bus, streetcar and Wheel-Trans service will return to the station; boarding on-street is no longer required.

62 Mortimer

62 Mortimer will return to Main Street Station; however, due to construction at Broadview Station, buses will pick up and drop off customers at a temporary stop on-street.

64 Main

87 Cosburn

64 Main and 87 Cosburn will continue to be combined into one longer, continuous route during the day:

  • Monday to Friday morning peak, midday and afternoon peak
  • Saturday morning and afternoon
  • Sunday afternoon

Customers wanting to travel between Cosburn Avenue and Main Street south of Danforth will not need to change buses during these times.

64 Main and 87 Cosburn will operate individually in the early and late evening all days and on Saturday and Sunday morning.

506/306 Carlton

506 Carlton streetcars will return to the station and continue to divert to Dundas West Station due to construction on Howard Park.

506C (Victoria Park Station-Castle Frank Station) replacement buses will be removed.

306 Carlton overnight streetcar service will return, operating between Dundas West Station and Main Street Station. Replacement buses will be removed. Streetcars will arrive every 30 minutes.

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