Helpful advice for travelling on the TTC

Some helpful tips on fare payment and ID requirements

Taking the TTC is the fastest, most economical way of travelling to many exciting destinations in the city. To ensure you have as smooth an experience as possible follow these tips to help you prepare your fare payment and identification requirements before you travel:

1. Load your PRESTO card with funds or a monthly pass* in advance. You can do this:

a. By using the PRESTO App available for free on the Google Play and Apple App stores
b. Online at 
c. By setting up Autorenew or Autoload 
d. In person at a Fare Vending Machine at all TTC stations, at any Shoppers Drug Mart location or at the TTC’s Customer Service Centre above Davisville Station

*Note: Monthly passes are available for sale the last 12 days of the previous month until eight days after the start of the new month. 

2. Set your PRESTO card to deduct the right fare: 

All PRESTO cards are automatically set to deduct an adult fare. To change this setting you must: 

a. Take your card, along with government issued identification, to any Shoppers Drug Mart location or the TTC’s Customer Service Centre and have it set to deduct a youth, post-secondary or senior fare. 
b. If you are setting your card to deduct a post-secondary fare you must have your TTC Post-Secondary Photo ID card with you. You can purchase a card for $5.25 at the TTC’s Photo Identification Centre at Bathurst Station. You must be enrolled in a full-time degree or diploma program in a recognized Post-Secondary institution located within the City of Toronto. Find out if your school is one of the eligible post-secondary schools . 

3. Purchase a one-ride, two-ride or day pass PRESTO Ticket in advance. These are available at 

a. Any Shoppers Drug Mart location
b. The TTC’s Customer Service Centre 
c. A Fare Vending Machine at all TTC stations

4. Carry the proper identification with you

a. Youths ages 13-15 are not required to carry identification.
b. Youths ages 16-19 are required to carry a driver’s license, Ontario Photo Card or High School Photo ID card for the 2023-2024 school year. 
c. Seniors ages 65+ are required to carry a TTC Senior Photo ID card, driver’s license or Ontario Photo Card. 

5. Obtain your Proof-of-Payment

a. Your tapped PRESTO card or PRESTO Ticket is your Proof-of-Payment. You must tap every time you board a vehicle on the street or when you enter a station through the fare gates. 
b. If you pay your fare by cash, TTC ticket or token, you must get a paper transfer from the Operator on a bus, from the Fares and Transfers Machine on a streetcar or from the transfer machine in the subway station, just pass the fare line after you pay. 

You must be prepared to show your Proof-of-Payment to TTC staff at any point in your journey. 

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