TTC invites you on a sentimental streetcar journey

This Sunday, the TTC recognizes the 80th anniversary of the PCC streetcar in Toronto by taking one of its two vintage Red Rocket streetcars out for a ceremonial ride downtown.

PCC streetcars first entered service in the city on September 23, 1938. The PCC fleet, more than 740 strong at its peak, was one of the largest in North America and did a venerable job of serving millions of daily transit riders over generations.

The last PCC cars were retired from TTC service in 1995.

Rides on the vintage streetcar will be free of charge on Sunday.

PCC stands for Presidents’ Conference Committee.

What: Vintage PCC #4549 will be taking a ceremonial journey downtown Toronto, fare-free.
Where: Serving stops along Queen Street, between Bathurst Street and Church Street.
When: Sunday, September 23, 2018 from approximately 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Why: The TTC is providing an opportunity for the public to take a trip back in time, take photos and celebrate 80 years since the first PCC streetcar entered in service in Toronto.

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