New TTC fare products available on PRESTO

Starting today, the Post-Secondary Monthly Pass is available for the first time on PRESTO for post-secondary students enrolled full-time in a qualifying institution. All post-secondary students require a TTC photo ID to set their fare type, purchase their pass and use it on the system.

Also beginning today, PRESTO customers who use the five Downtown Express bus routes can purchase and affix a sticker to the bottom left corner of their cards to pay for the second portion of the double fare. This sticker was previously only available to Metropass customers. PRESTO continues to work on a technical solution for the Downtown Express service that will negate the need for a sticker.

TTC monthly passes, which cost the same and provide the same unlimited travel as Metropasses, are available for sale online at, Shoppers Drug Mart, and PRESTO Fare Vending Machines located at most TTC subway station entrances.

The TTC is discontinuing Metropasses as of December 31, 2018. For November and December, Metropasses will be available for purchase at collector booths and participating TTC fare agents.

Customers can purchase November’s PRESTO Monthly Pass or Metropass until November 5.

The November Metropass celebrates Toronto's Hillcrest Village and features a mural created by artist Joel Castillo that won the 2004 Hillcrest Village BIA mural contest.  Joel Castillo is a Toronto-based illustrator and alumnus of the Ontario College of Art and Design, where he also teaches digital media. He was inspired to create the “Welcome to Hillcrest Village” mural by the vibrant and exciting St. Clair Ave. West community.

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