TTC launches sixth annual Customer Charter

This week the TTC released its 2018 Customer Charter that includes, among dozens of other new commitments, the introduction of two-hour time-based transfers.

The sixth annual Charter is designed to track promises and improvements that benefit customers in areas like accessibility, safety and reliability of service. It also holds TTC's management accountable for progress against these commitments.

Highlights of this year's Charter include:

  • Adding service on up to 20 bus and streetcar routes to help reduce overcrowding during peak hours.
  • Equipping all subway stations with at least one new PRESTO vending machine.
  • Completing the installation of new fare gates so that all subway station entrances are PRESTO-enabled.
  • Piloting solar-powered passenger information displays to provide real-time information on vehicle arrivals at stops.
  • Installing high-capacity bicycle parking racks at up to 49 stations, more than doubling the existing bike parking capacity.
  • Deploying 200 new, redesigned, clean diesel buses featuring two passenger information displays, USB charging ports and three individually operated flip-down seats to create space for strollers and large passenger belongings.
  • Diversifying and modernizing the Wheel-Trans fleet with 69 new redesigned and accessible vehicles.

"This year's Customer Charter strongly demonstrates the TTC's commitment to accessibility, safety and reliability of service," said TTC Chair Josh Colle. "With the introduction of two-hour time-based transfers, completion of all PRESTO-enabled fare gate installations, added service on crowded bus and streetcar routes, and modernization of the Wheel-Trans fleet, the charter will ensure that the TTC is accountable and responsive to the commitments it has made to its loyal customers."

This year, the Charter also highlights the TTC Way, a renewed commitment to customers, employees and community partners that includes six guiding values for improved service.

For more on the 2018 Customer Charter and the TTC Way, click here. 

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