Seth Rogen wants you to remove your backpack when on the TTC – and other things, too

Canadian actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director Seth Rogen has lent his voice and talent to a series of quirky public service announcements focused on etiquette and courtesy while riding the TTC. Customers will begin hearing the announcements in subway stations starting today.

The light-hearted messages, each lasting approximately 20 seconds, asks TTC riders to be more considerate of their fellow passengers, all in an effort to make taking the TTC a more positive experience for all. From holding subway train doors to feet on seats to backpacks to the proper use of the emergency alarm, the humorous messages acknowledge common courtesy irritants people face each day on public transit.

“I was enthusiastic to record messages for the TTC to help make everyone’s riding experience as amazing as it could possibly be,” said Rogen. “I use public transportation, myself, and would like people to not be clipping their toe nails around me,” he joked in reference to one PSA designed to deter personal grooming on the TTC.

“I’m very proud to be Canadian and I wouldn’t be who I am if was not for Canada. If asked to participate in something Canadian, I’m eager to do that.”

Rogen generously donated his time and voice to the TTC after a Twitter discussion with Toronto City Councillor Norm Kelly. Kelly asked Rogen if he’d consider recording some messages to be played on the TTC, following a similar offer Rogen made to TransLink in Vancouver, who launched their own etiquette campaign with Rogen last week.

“On behalf of all Toronto residents, I want to thank Seth Rogen for donating his time, his talent, and his voice to these unique announcements,” said Toronto Mayor John Tory. “It is another example of how we're moving the TTC forward in new and innovative ways. I hope transit riders enjoy these announcements and look forward to hearing them on the TTC.”

TTC Chair Josh Colle said, “The TTC thanks Seth Rogen for his generosity, commitment to public transit and eagerness to make Toronto smile. The TTC also thanks its customers for doing their part to make using the TTC a more positive experience for everyone.”

There are 12 messages in all that will play throughout the TTC subway system. The recordings can be heard at :

1. Holding Train Doors
2. Fare Evasion
3. Backpacks
4. Bags on Seats
5. Feet on Seats
6. Priority Seating
7. Blocking Doors
8. Personal Grooming and Eating
9. Talking on Cell phones
10. Using the Emergency Alarm
11. Two-Hour Transfers (starting Aug. 26)
12. Thank You - a general thank you to riders for being courteous with one another.

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