Fare gate construction continues this weekend at TTC's Dundas Station

The installation of the TTC's modern fare gates with PRESTO continues this weekend at Dundas Station, resulting in the station closing and trains bypassing in both directions from 11 p.m. on Fri., Sept. 15 until the start of service on Mon., Sept. 18.

Earlier this week, Dundas Station began closing at 11 p.m. each night; early closures will continue until construction is finished in mid-October. Because Dundas Station is one of the TTC's busiest, with tighter fare lines, closing early and for the weekend is necessary to complete the construction.

And next week, from Sept. 19 - 23, King Station will close nightly at 10 p.m., with trains bypassing the station in both directions.

This work is part of the final wave of the installation of the TTC's new paddle-style fare gates that will take place in 25 stations and more than 50 entrances over the next eight months.

The new gates, which improve customer flow and provide an unobstructed path in to and out of stations, are a key piece of the TTC's overall modernization plan. The new gates are in place today at 44 stations and 75 entrances.

The full fare gate construction schedule is available at ttc.ca and a video explaining the next wave of fare gate construction is posted on the TTC's YouTube channel. Station specific fact sheets are also posted. During closures, customer service ambassadors will be in place to assist customers with directions and information.

When the fare gate installation is complete next spring, every subway station and every entrance will have new gates and accept PRESTO. All TTC buses and streetcars accept PRESTO today.


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