178 TTC buses now have PRESTO

One hundred and seventy-eight TTC buses servicing 22 routes across the west end of the city now have PRESTO. This marks the completion of the first of seven TTC bus garages to have its whole fleet outfitted with PRESTO.

Customers who travel on the following routes can now board these buses by tapping a PRESTO card:

- 192 Airport Rocket  

- 49 Bloor West

- 50 Burnhamthorpe

- 111 East Mall

- 15 Evans

- 315 Evans-Brown's Line

- 37 Islington 

- 337 Islington

- 110 Islington South

- 40 Junction

- 44 Kipling South

- 188 Kipling South Rocket

- 45 Kipling

- 30 Lampton

- 66 Prince Edward 

- 80 Queensway

- 48 Rathburn

- 73 Royal York 

- 76 Royal York South

- 123 Shorncliffe

- 168 Symington

- 112 West Mall


While PRESTO may be a good option when traveling on these routes, PRESTO customers planning on using a bus on a different route, must take a transfer as connecting buses that come from other garages may not have PRESTO readers yet. PRESTO card users travelling by bus in other areas of the city must carry tokens or exact cash during the eight month bus rollout.  The bus rollout now moves to the TTC's Arrow and Wilson garages located in the northwest part of the city. By the end of 2016, all TTC buses will have PRESTO.

In addition to card readers being installed on buses, PRESTO continues to arrive at more subway stations. Bay Station is the latest to receive the TTC's new fare gates with PRESTO. Construction at Sherbourne Station will be completed soon, bringing the total number of subway stations with PRESTO to 30.

To learn more about PRESTO on the TTC visit ttc.ca/presto.

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