Line 1 subway delay minutes down by 25%, TTC customer satisfaction all-time high of 81%

More trains to be added to Line 1 in 2016 with goal cutting delays in half by 2019

Customer satisfaction and subway reliability is at an all-time high thanks to historic investment in the TTC.

In 2015, the TTC received an unprecedented $95 million increase to its budget and is set to receive over $50 million in new, annualized funding in 2016 to improve service on buses, streetcars and subways that serve the 555 million riders who use the TTC each year. 

Thanks to this investment, in 2015, delay minutes on Line 1 were down 25% over 2014, and down 9% on Line 2. The entire system saw delay minutes reduced by 13% over 2014. TTC customer satisfaction also hit an all-time high last year of 81%.

“Building a great city means ensuring transit is affordable, accessible and reliable for those who need it most,” said Mayor Tory. “We’ve made significant investments that are making a difference but we can’t do it alone – we need the province and federal government to do their part. In particular when it comes to funding shovel-ready projects like modernizing our subway signal system to further improve subway reliability.”

Last year, the TTC added two more trains in the off-peak to Lines 1 and 2, and two early and late evening trains to both lines on weekends to reduce customer wait times and crowding. More trains will be added in the late evening on Line 1 in 2016.

The TTC has an overall strategy to meet its target of reducing subway delays by 50% by the end of 2019. The 2015 budget allocation means additional staff have been, or will be, recruited to further improve state of good repair efforts. Last year’s budget also approved the addition of six new workcars for the TTC’s subway maintenance fleet.

"Through two budget cycles, we have made significant service enhancements and continue to improve the experience for our customers" said TTC Chair Josh Colle, "As TTC Chair, I will continue to push for further investments to enhance service, and make the TTC less crowded and more reliable for our customers."

Additional service improvements will continue to roll out in 2016, and include greater off-peak service, expanded blue night and express bus service, and the building of a 10-minute or better surface network. The subway system has also seen a marked improvement in its reliability and service as result of 2015’s commitment to an improved TTC.

“This is the second budget we have presented that makes historic investments in transit,” said Budget Chief Gary Crawford. “We’ve put a clear priority on investing in getting the people of this city moving, that has resulted greatly improved service across the TTC – from more buses, more frequent service to less crowded subways.”
The full impact of the investment City Council has made to TTC service continues to be felt by customers as they come to rely on, and expect, these new and enhanced services. TTC customer satisfaction hit an all-time high last year of 81% – even before the bulk of surface transit improvements rolled out. With those services now serving the city and with the introduction of earlier Sunday subway service, more off-peak subway trains, and reliability efforts at an all-time high, Torontonian’s ability to rely on the TTC has never been greater.

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