TTC recognizes employees for customer service, safety, leadership and teamwork

Toronto Transit Commission CEO Andy Byford joined members of the TTC’s Executive team at a ceremony to honour 34 TTC employees, recipients of the TTC’s Rewards and Recognition awards.

The revamped Rewards and Recognition Program, which will present awards to both staff and unionized employees, aligns with the TTC’s Five-Year Corporate Plan and the People Objective of creating an empowered, customer-focused workforce that values teamwork, pride in a job well done, and an organization that actively develops its employees.

At the end of the year, one employee will be recognized as the “TTC Employee of the Year” for outstanding achievement in one, or more, of the award categories.

This quarter’s Rewards and Recognition recipients:

Customer Service Award Winners
• Nick Van Egmond and Jason White, Carpenters
Witnessed a car accident harming an elderly woman and assisted her, preventing further harm.
• Ben Giunta, Rail Vehicle Analyzer
Assisted customer at Sheppard who left her cellphone on a departed train. Coordinated the recovery of the phone.
• Francesco Carpino and Giulio Cerulli, General Motor Repairpersons
Assisted customers during a subway shutdown at Wilson station. Remained positive under stress.
• Rick Whitlock, Coach Technician
Helpful to colleagues in everyday tasks and emergencies. Willingly shares his knowledge with colleagues.
• Stephan Fontaine, Slip Clerk
Takes action to resolve customer issues and is committed to assisting customers.

• Sharon Mundle, Route Supervisor
Assisted customer at Don Mills with a medical condition and ensured customer’s safety.
• Terry Hughes, Divisional Assistant Manager
Makes a continuous effort to investigate customer service  concerns. Always respectful and treats everyone equally.
• Joe St. Julien, Janitor
Helped to restore totem poles at Spadina station. Showed dedication to advocating for improvements that enhance the customer experience.
• Julie Clarke, Route Supervisor Trainee
Took decisive action in an assault that occurred on a streetcar she was driving.
• Edwina Richards, Customer Service Representative
Received many customer compliments and is committed to helping customers navigate though difficult situations.

Safety Award Winners
• Domenic Colosimo, Escalator Overhaul Mechanic
Readily shares vast knowledge and skills. Provides mentorship to new employees.
• Richard Horn, Coordinator – Safety & Environment
Dedicated to improving health and safety and developed processes to audit health and safety documents.
• Frank Taylor, Maintenance Mechanic Heating
Advocated for removal of potentially hazardous materials.
• Calogero Siggia, Supervisor
Developed welcome package for students with specific safety rules, ensures student safety.
• Mary Tzavragos, Drawing Coordinator
Creates and publishes ‘Seasonal Tips’ posters that help reduce injuries and illness.
• Naomi Marubashi, Divisional Assistant Manager
Developed a program to check all subway tracks for safety issues. The program has improved both staff and customer safety.
• Gerald Heslop, Carol Jesseau, Randall Romeral and Ross Zambri; Operators
Created a safety training for divisional trainers and new operators, resulting in a reduction of preventable collisions.
• Zachary Ressler, Janitor
Acted quickly in an emergency situation, putting customer safety first and ensuring they were cleared from the emergency.

• Graham Platt, Station Supervisor
Took initiative to organize an audit of all rooms in the 12 University-Spadina Zone stations for fire prevention. Oversaw the removal of potentially harmful materials in the University-Spadina Zone.
• Deborah Steels, Employee Relations Consultant
Developed program to check all subway tracks for safety issues, improving staff and customer safety.

Leadership Award Winners
• Al Pritchard, Senior Manager
Has ability to bring harmony to unsteady relationships, resulting in increased productivity and sustainable workforce.
• Charles Cassato, General Machinst
Inspires colleagues and encourages a calm, focused work atmosphere.
• Adam Brisbois, Operator
Helpful to new operators, motivates and inspires colleagues.
• Alex Funduk, Transit Enforcement Officer
Motivates others to be positive ambassadors, represents TTC at special events and develops connections with others.
• Jennifer McIver, Claims Adjustor
Took on leadership role when colleague suffered a tragedy. Demonstrated her capacity to be hard-working and dependable.

Teamwork Award Winners
• Neil Preece, John Bethune and Patrick McLaughlin, Operators
Offered to review subway delays and provided solutions and support for operators. Efforts led to suggestions for possible fixes over nights and weekends and inspired collaboration amongst division.


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