Man sentenced to 90 days for assaulting TTC operator

A 21-year-old man was sentenced to 90 days in jail on Sept. 16 for assaulting a Toronto Transit Commission bus operator. The man also received an additional 90 days for failing to comply with conditions of a recognizance order.

On March 23, a male boarded a bus at Kingston Rd. and Lawrence Ave. E. He was requested by the operator to lower the volume of music coming from his phone. The man complied. While arriving at his stop, the man approached the operator and commented about not knowing who the operator was dealing with. He then punched the operator several times in the head and face. With the aid of CCTV images from the bus, Toronto Police arrested the suspect a short time later.

Tyler Brown, age 21, who was in custody serving time unrelated to this incident, pleaded guilty to assault and failure to comply with recognizance. He was sentenced to 90 days for each offence (180 total) to be served concurrently and following his current sentence. Brown was also placed on probation following his incarceration and ordered to stay away from the TTC operator.

The employee received lacerations and contusions on his face and head.

On average, two TTC employees are assaulted every day, ranging from punching, slapping and spitting, to threats of physical harm or death. The TTC’s Court Advocates work with Crown Attorneys and the Courts to ensure the stiffest penalties possible for those convicted of assault or threats on TTC employees, and continue to seek limits on the use of public transit in Toronto for those convicted of these crimes.


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