TTC Update: Limited subway service resumes for afternoon rush hour on Bloor-Danforth line

Partial subway service on the Bloor-Danforth line, between Islington and Kipling Stations, has resumed. TTC crews have made temporary repairs to allow for some service for the remainder of the day between Islington and Kipling Stations. The TTC will make permanent repairs after midnight tonight.

For the afternoon rush hour, the use of Kipling Station will be limited to just one platform. As a result, every second or third train will be required to terminate at Islington Station. Customers travelling to Kipling Station may need to disembark from a train at Islington Station and wait for the next train travelling westbound to Kipling Station. During this time, train travel between Islington and Kipling Stations will be slower than normal.

This morning, just east of Kipling Station, a piece of rail associated with a cross-over switch broke causing the fail-safe mechanism associated with the signal system to hold all trains on a red signal. As a result, the TTC was unable to operate subway train service between Islington and Kipling Stations.

The TTC apologizes for this inconvenience, but will make necessary repairs after midnight tonight. To do this, subway trains will terminate at Islington Station after midnight until start of service Saturday morning.

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