TTC and Shuffle Demons go back in time on the “Spadina Bus”

The Toronto Transit Commission and the Shuffle Demons, Canada’s premiere jazz-funk-fusion band, are taking a trip back in time today on the Spadina bus, utilizing a retired TTC GM bus for a surprise event for TTC customers along Spadina Avenue.

The Shuffle Demons had a top-40 hit in 1986 with their song “Spadina Bus” (Spadina Bus music video on YouTube). Given the TTC is undertaking significant maintenance on the streetcar track along Spadina Avenue, necessitating the replacement of streetcars with bus service, the TTC and the band got together to provide customers at Spadina Station and those boarding the special bus as it heads south to Queens Quay and back, an impromptu concert that includes several performances of “Spadina Bus,” as well as songs from their brand new CD, “Clusterfunk.”

The Shuffle Demons have been entertaining audiences for over 25 years. Their song “Spadina Bus” became a surprise top-40 hit in 1986 and launched their career. On July 3, the Shuffle Demons released “Clusterfunk,” their first new album in over 15 years. To celebrate the album’s release, The Shuffle Demons will play Lula Lounge in Toronto on July 26. For ticketing information, visit the Lula Lounge website. For more information on the Shuffle Demons, visit the True North Records website.

History of the Spadina route

  • Horse cars provided the service on Spadina Avenue from 1880 to 1892, and were replaced by electric streetcars in 1892.

How long did the 77 Spadina bus operate?

  • Buses replaced streetcars on Spadina from 1948 to 1997.
  • Route numbers were only introduced on TTC bus routes in the late 1950s, and so until then the route was known simply as “Spadina.”

When did the route number change to 510?

  • Starting on July 27, 1997, the 510 Spadina streetcar route replaced the 77 Spadina bus route.

When did the TTC introduce the 77 Swansea bus?

  • TTC recycled the 77 route number in 2000, when it gave the southern part of the 71 Runnymede route its own identity as the 77 Swansea route.

How many shuttle buses are running on Spadina during construction?

  • At its busiest, 34 buses are required to replace 21 streetcars.

Future of Spadina right-of-way

  • On June 18, the TTC and the City of Toronto began major investment and renewal work on Spadina in preparation for the arrival of the TTC’s new low-floor streetcars. While the Spadina right-of-way undergoes track reconstruction at several key locations, crews will also take advantage of this necessary maintenance downtime to update and modify the passenger platforms and shelters, and modernize the overhead power system.
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