Revised TTC Bylaw No.1 to be applied starting October 12

The Toronto Transit Commission’s By-law No. 1 was amended and passed by the Commission earlier this year. The increased set fines associated with the by-law will now be applied starting this Monday, October 12.

For the past several months, TTC Special Constables have been educating and making passengers aware of the changes to the by-law, including the increased fines associated with it. For example, the fine for smoking on TTC property was $95. It is now set at $195, plus a victim fine surcharge of $35. Fines for other infractions, such as “altering fare media,” are now set at $345, plus a $75 victim fine surcharge.

The most frequent offenses include entering a station illegally, smoking, failing to tender proper fare, and littering. The TTC also has the authority now to enforce and apply fines with respect to priority seating, laying across seats or having feet on seats, and obstructing doors.

Special Constables and Toronto Police will continue to educate and make passengers aware of the revised by-law and associated penalties. However, the new set fines that are in place will be applied when and where appropriate. Last year, approximately $600,000 in fines were issued by Special Constables.

TTC By-law No. 1 can be found online here:

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