TTC launches e-Alert subscription service

The Toronto Transit Commission today launched its e-Alert subscription service. TTC Chair Adam Giambrone demonstrated the new service at a media conference at TTC Head Office.

With the e-Alert subscription service, TTC customers will receive subway/rt service disruption notifications by email. Subscription to this free service is available at

Service delay information is also available on the TTC website and on display screens located on subway station platforms. The notification will be sent out if the subway/rt is delayed and shuttle bus service is in operation, which generally includes delays of more than 15 minutes.

Notification for service delays on bus and streetcar routes is currently in the development stage.

The TTC will be implementing many other new features to improve and enhance customer communications and the TTC experience. One of the most anticipated features in the works is the web-based trip planning application. Scheduled to be online this summer, it will give TTC users a self-serve means of planning their transit trips using routing information, timing points and walking distances.

Last year, the TTC launched pilot projects to provide Next Train and Next Vehicle arrival information.

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