TTC fares rise this Sunday, January 3

TTC fares increase this Sunday, January 3, 2010, as approved by the Commission at its November 17, 2009 meeting.

Until January 31, only, temporary Adult tickets can still be used with the addition of 25 cents. Older Senior/Student tickets can be used with the addition of 15 cents and older Child tickets can be used with the addition of 5 cents.

Also, starting in September, students attending an accredited post-secondary institution will be able to purchase the Student Metropass. Students who opt not to use the Metropass starting this September will have to pay Adult fare – tokens or cash.
New fares, effective January 3, 2010, are:


Current Fare

New Fare


Cash $2.75 $3.00
Token $2.25 $2.50
Weekly Pass $32.25 $36.00
Regular Metropass $109.00 $121.00
VIP $98.00 $109.00
MDP $100.00 $111.00


Cash $1.85 $2.00
Ticket $1.50 $1.65
Weekly Pass $25.50 $28.00
Regular Metropass $91.25 $99.00
MDP $84.00 $89.00


Cash $0.70 $0.75
Ticket $0.50 $0.55




GTA Pass

$47.00 $52.00


Old TTC Day Passes can be exchanged for a new Day Pass. Old Temporary Adult Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded at any time.

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