TTC Awards Accessible Taxi Service Contracts

The Toronto Transit Commission today announced that it has approved the award of contracts to three accessible taxi services – Royal Taxi Inc., Scarborough City Cab, and Associated Toronto Taxi-Cab Co-Operative Ltd. – to supplement current Wheel-Trans service for TTC customers.

At the July 10 Commission meeting, Commissioners requested the Chair, Vice-Chair and Chief General Manager to review the procurement process and staff recommendation to award a five-year contract to three vendors.

The enhanced taxi service initially calls for 150 vehicles, up from the current 120, provided by eight companies. Rigorous training, background checks and due diligence by the TTC will help ensure its customers receive the same care they receive when traveling on a TTC-owned and -operated vehicle. For example, cameras on accessible taxis must capture all passenger areas and remain on at all times. In addition, all accessible taxis must have GPS installed.

Drivers of accessible taxis will receive similar training as TTC employees under the new contracts, in addition to training required for taxi drivers by the City of Toronto. Accessible taxi drivers must also be City of Toronto Ambassador taxi drivers, or received equivalent training.

Accessible taxi drivers will also undergo a vulnerable persons check and are required to have on-street supervision. The TTC will exercise its right to audit the organization to ensure a high standard of performance. The TTC is committed to providing a high level of service to its Wheel-Trans customers. If a contractor does not meet is contractual requirements, the contract may be cancelled by the TTC.

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