Canvassing on TTC property during an election

2018 was a municipal election year. The last municipal election was held on October 22, 2018.

1. Canvassing on TTC property during an election

Leading up to the election day, candidates can canvass and campaign on TTC property with the following in mind:

  • Canvassing or campaigning is permitted at subway station entrances, as well as inside subway stations, but only in the unpaid areas of the station. (i.e. area before customers go through the fare gates or collector booth aisle)
  • Canvassing or campaigning is not permitted on any TTC vehicle (bus, streetcar, subway train, SRT train or Wheel-Trans).
  • Candidates are permitted to conduct media interviews, events, and photo opportunities outside or adjacent to a TTC facility or subway station. No media events or interviews are permitted inside any TTC facility or vehicle.
  • Customer and employee safety comes first. A candidate and/or volunteers may be asked by TTC personnel to canvass outside a station during particularly busy periods, or in the event of an emergency. Please follow their instructions.

Attendance at TTC events during an election year

  • Candidates are permitted to attend TTC events or events held at TTC facilities, in their capacity as elected officials or as private citizens, as applicable, to meet with attendees and visitors, but may not solicit votes. Campaign signs or materials may not be posted or distributed.
  • Elected officials, in their capacity as and as long as they are elected officials, are permitted to attend TTC events or events held on TTC facilities and act as ceremonial participants in that capacity, including speaking at the event.
  • After August 1, 2018, members of Toronto City Council will not be able to host, speak at or participate in any TTC event, including public meetings.
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