Solicitations and Results

Open Solicitations, Closed Solicitations, Bids Results, Awarded Solicitations

We use MERX to post the following:

  • publically advertised solicitations (for example, Requests for Bids, Proposals or Information)
  • solicitation results
  • a listing of awarded solicitations

Please visit to register your organization with MERX and to view the TTC’s solicitations, results and contract awards.

All bid/proposal submissions and other solicitation submissions are referred to TTC staff for evaluation. Solicitation results posted on MERX are based on submissions that have not yet been evaluated by TTC staff. Due to the evaluation process, the solicitation results for Request for Proposals will only contain the Proponent’s name and closing date of the solicitation.

Make sure to properly complete submissions

We have received a number of bids/proposals that are either not properly completed or missing mandatory submission information (for example, missing or incomplete submission requirements that are to be submitted along with the tender/proposal). Failure to properly complete a bid/proposal or provide mandatory bid/proposal submission information could render a bid/proposal non-compliant and/or unacceptable.


The TTC obtains competitive bids from interested sources for the sale of surplus goods. Bidders are solicited through public advertisement when the TTC estimates the value of the requirement to be over $60,000.
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