Escalator to the Yorkdale Station platform
Easier Access Program

Yorkdale station

Project Update

The elevator at Yorkdale Station was placed into service on December 22, 2021 making it TTC’s 55th accessible station in the network. The elevator now provides customers with an accessible path from the subway platform to street level, as well as a barrier-free path to the GO Terminal. The path includes a covered ramp between street level and concourse level, and an elevator from concourse level to the subway platform.

Other works at the station are still underway, including replacement of the two escalators, bike parking, main entrance and façade expansion and development, skylights and public art which are scheduled for completion later this year.

Completion of this elevator reconfirms TTC commitment to accessibility with three stations completed in 2021 and six additional stations planned for tender in Q4 2021 / Q1 2022. All stations are planned to be accessible by 2025.

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

  • Overview

    A number of TTC stations are getting second exits to improve customer safety and convenience. Some are under construction, with several still in the planning process. Chester, College, Donlands, Dundas, Dundas West, Greenwood, Museum, and Summerhill subway stations are all getting second exits as part of the TTC’s Second Exit Program. The program was developed to enhance safety for customers and staff, providing an additional way out of subway stations in case of emergency, as many TTC stations currently have only one exit. Second exits also improve customer convenience.

  • Planning process and principles

    As part of its commitment to modernization, TTC is implementing a new Second Exit Planning and Consultation Process. A panel of third party experts created an evaluation framework to guide the community and TTC in evaluating location options for second exits. Read the September 2015 Board Report to the TTC Board and view the framework.

    The next step in this process is the establishment of local working groups to propose and evaluate location options for each of the stations listed above. Find out more about the local working groups here.

    Planning second exits is a challenging and complicated task, taking many factors into account and balancing engineering, fire/life safety and community need.

    Effective second exits must provide:

    • A fast way out of the station
    • Convenience to encourage day-to-day use and familiarity in an emergency
    • Respectful integration into the neighbourhood

    Second exits projects must be:

    • Cost effective
    • Limit construction disruption
    • In the public interest (local area, TTC riders, taxpayer)

    Of the 14 “priority” subway stations which were initially identified as needing a second exit in a 2002 fire/life safety analysis, eight are still to be completed: Chester, College, Donlands, Dundas, Dundas West, Greenwood, Museum and Summerhill. Some of these will be more difficult to build than others, and will have more significant impacts on the surrounding communities.

    The new planning and consultation process is designed to:

    • Deepen understanding of the need for second exits by using public education and communications
    • Broaden engagement to encourage informed dialogue through learning

    This process includes three distinct planning phases:

    Phase 1: Develop evaluation framework (complete)

    1. Establish third party expert panel
    2. Public education
    3. Public review and comment

    Report to TTC Board on Evaluation Framework (complete - see links to Background Reports below)

    Phase 2: Location planning at stations

    1. Set up local working groups
    2. Working groups develop second exit options
    3. Evaluate options based on framework
    4. Recommendation for second exit location
    5. Expert Panel reviews recommendation

    Report to TTC Board on site recommendations

    Phase 3: Design of Second Exit

    • Community consultation: architecture, urban design and landscaping
    • Communications to public regarding the project
    • Pre-construction information and consultation

    Background Reports to the TTC Board

  • Overall project status

    Active projects

    • Donlands
    • Greenwood
    • College

    Completed projects

    • Dufferin
    • Pape
    • Castle Frank
    • Broadview
    • Wellesley
    • Woodbine
    • Chester

    Planning stages

    • Dundas
    • Dundas West
    • Museum
    • Summerhill

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Construction notices

Project timeline: February 13, 2018 to Summer 2020. 

The majority of the work will be completed between Monday and Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For construction updates on this project, see the Construction Advisory page.

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