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Your organization can buy convention passes for delegates, participants or attendees at these types of events:

  • Conventions
  • Conferences
  • Tradeshows
  • Incentives
  • Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Special Interest Group event

Convention Pass advantages

Convenient: The Convention Transit Pass provides unlimited travel (extra fare required for Downtown Express routes or contracted routes operated by the TTC outside the City of Toronto) on all regular routes including the subway, buses and streetcars within the City of Toronto. During rush hours, the subway runs approximately every 3 minutes, and less than 5 minutes thereafter. Many surface routes run frequent service (less than 10 minutes).

Economical: You'll find travelling by transit  is much less expensive than by taxi. And, in many cases, it is much faster to travel by subway in the downtown area as there are no delays due to traffic congestion. 

No need for cash, tokens or tickets: Delegates can use the Pass to travel freely on the entire system without having to be concerned about changing money for ticket and token purchases. Bus and streetcar Operators accept only exact cash, tickets, tokens or valid passes, and do not sell fares or carry change. The Convention Pass does not allow access to automatic or un-staffed fare gate entrances.

Conditions of sale

The Convention Transit Pass is available only through bulk sales. Your company or event logo can be printed on the Passes at no additional cost.

The sale of the Convention Transit Pass is at the sole discretion of the TTC. Toronto area residents are not eligible for a Convention Transit Pass unless they are part of a larger organization or group that meets all necessary criteria.

At time of booking, a firm price will be quoted subject to prevailing foreign exchange rates, if applicable.

Prices shown are in Canadian Dollars, and subject to change. There is a set-up charge of $20 plus taxes.

There is a return policy for unused passes. Contact the TTC for details.

Payment by credit card or Electronic Funds Transfer is due two weeks prior to the start date of the event; payment by cheque or money order is due three weeks prior.

Conditions of Use (Printed on Convention Transit Pass)

To be valid, the pass must have the printed name and signature in ink of its holder.

A Convention Transit Pass is good for travel by the holder on all regular TTC routes within the City of Toronto only for the period shown. The pass is not valid on TTC special services, or for travel outside the City of Toronto boundaries on some TTC routes.

The pass must be presented in an open and unrestricted manner. The pass will be confiscated if presented by a person other than its holder.

Individual refunds not permitted. Not Transferable - For information on how to use the TTC, or this pass, call the TTC at 416-393-4636 (INFO).

Fares posted at point of purchase are final.

For more information contact:

Zee Zaid, Customer Communications Specialist at 416-397-8050 or by email:

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