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Date:Monday, April 23, 2018
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Meeting Minutes

Land Acknowledgement

Declarations of Interest – Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

Presentations/Reports/Other Business

Item 1: Chief Executive Officer’s Report – May 2021 (For Information) 

  • Presentation for item 1
  • Decision for item 1

Item 2: PRESTO Update – TTC/Metrolinx Settlement

(Confidential Attachment – this report contains advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose, litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals and information relating to a position, plan, procedure, criteria or instruction to be applied to any negotiations carried on or to be carried on by the TTC) (For Action)

  • Presentation for item 2
  • Decision for item 2

Item 3: Update: 5-Year Fare Policy and 10-Year Fare Collection Outlook (For Action) 

  • Presentation for item 3
  • Staff Presentation for item 3: Overview of the 5-Year Fare Policy & 10-Year Fare Collection Outlook 
  • Decision for item 3

Item 4: COVID-19 Response and Recovery Update (For Action) 

  • Presentation for item 4
  • Decision for item 4

Item 5: TTC Special Constable Service and Revenue Protection 2020 Annual Reports (For Action)  

  • An administrative correction has been made to update the General Occurrence Reports and Records of Arrest table on pages 9 and 10 of Appendix 1: Special Constable Service Annual Report.
  • Presentation for item 5
  • Decision for item 5  

Item 6: 2021 Accessibility Plan Status Update (For Action) 

  • Presentation for item 6
  • Decision for item 6  

Item 7: Appointment to TTC Pension Fund Society Board of Directors (For Action) 

  • Presentation for item 7
  • Decision for item 7  



Declaration Of Interest - Municipal Conflict Of Interest Act

Toronto Transit Commission Board

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Declaration of Interest - Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

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Presentations/Reports/Other Business

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