104|160|29|119|118|120|165|96|996|929 temporary bus boarding changes

Effective January 24, 2022 to December 31, 2022

Wilson Station – temporary bus boarding changes

Starting January 17, the driveway at Wilson Station’s lower bus platform will be under construction. Due to this work, changes to bus boarding locations for some of our routes will be necessary until December 2022.  

The following routes will board at a temporary bus platform located on the east side of Wilson Station off of Wilson Heights Boulevard:

  • 29 Dufferin
  • 104 Faywood
  • 160 Bathurst North
  • 929 Dufferin Express

If you need to enter the station through the accessible entrance, you will need to travel from the temporary platform to the southern part of the parking lot and access the ramp to the main accessible entrance.  

The following routes will board at the upper bus platform:

  • 96 Wilson
  • 118 Thistle Down
  • 119 Torbarrie
  • 120 Calvington
  • 165 Weston Rd North
  • 996 Wilson Express
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