Back to school safety on the TTC

Bus on city street

Let’s start the school year right. Here are some helpful actions that will help the TTC to provide a better, safer service to students and the community.

  • Follow traffic signals.
  • Never run or jaywalk.
  • Form a single line at the stop. Stay back from the curb.
  • Don’t throw objects.
  • Look both ways before exiting.
  • Face masks are strongly recommended.

Always be courteous

  • Don’t rush the doors. Let others exit.
  • Keep your school bag away from the doors. Carry it in front of you, on your lap or at your feet.
  • Don’t block the doors. Move to the back or centre of the vehicle.
  • In an emergency use the intercom for assistance on a subway or a streetcar.
  • Allow customers using mobility devices to board first.

Paying your fare

  • If you are 13 or older, have your payment ready.
  • Set your PRESTO card for discounted youth fares at a Shoppers Drug Mart or at the TTC Customer Service Center above Davisville Station.

Person tapping a PRESTO card on a card reader

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