• Masks

    If the Ontario government ended the mandatory mask mandate on transit, why are masks still strongly recommended while on the TTC?

    Safety is paramount to all we do. Throughout the pandemic, we have made decisions based on conversations with public health officials, while following all provincial mandates. We strongly recommend the continues use of masks, especially for unvaccinated or immunocompromised customers.  

    Why are masks still mandatory for operators on Wheel-Trans vehicles and other TTC employees? 

    As the province relaxes COVID safety measures, by making masks optional in the public, we as a workplace take the safety of our employees seriously.  By having our employees continue to wear masks in such settings it helps protect you and themselves; and it helps us keep our business operational. 

    Will the TTC be providing a face mask to customers?

    Complimentary disposable one-time use masks are available from TTC staff at all TTC stations. 

    What if I don’t have a face mask, will I still be allowed to ride the TTC?

    Yes. You will still be able to board a vehicle or enter a subway station.