Support Person Assistance Card

2. Application Process

Customers must apply for a Support Person Assistance Card in order to travel with their support person on a single fare.

The Support Person Assistance Card application is available on our website and is available on request by phone. Customers can call TTC Customer Service at 416-393-3030. A regulated authorized health care professional must certify that the applicant:

  • has a temporary or permanent disability
  • requires a support person

Eligible applicants will be provided with a Support Person Assistance Card, issued to the person with the disability, when the completed form is processed. There is no charge for the Support Person Assistance Card.

Note: Health care professionals may charge a fee to get the application form signed.

The Support Person Assistance Card will need to be renewed every 5 years, on the cardholder’s birthday, since disabilities may change. Temporary cards with a shorter expiry date will be available for temporary disabilities.

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